Open End Yarn (O/E)

YarnTrade offers several types of Ring Spun Yarn for our esteemed customers providing services in knitting, weaving, denim, towel, bed sheet sectors.

Offering a diversified line of yarn products including 100% Cotton Ring Spun Yarn, MVS, Cotton Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Viscose Yarn.

We competently make available our customers with various types of Ring Spun Yarn products in order manufacture high quality products at lowest costs.

We assure exceptional services in order to fully value customer requirements.

100% Cotton Yarn

Ring Spun 100% Cotton Yarn, Combed Cotton Yarn used for Weaving & Knitting Count 40/1, 60/1, 80/1 & 100/1

Ring Spun & Siro 100% Cotton Yarn for Weaving & Knitting Count from 8/1 up to 32/1 from various suppliers and manufacturers in Pakistani

Polyester/Cotton Yarn:

Supplying the premium quality polyester/cotton blended ring spun

  • Ring Spun Count from 7/1 up to 45/1.
  • MVS (Murata Vortex Spinning) from 20/1 up tp 60/1.

All Compositions & Counts Available in Carded/Combed types.

Polyester/Viscose Yarn

Supplying synthetic fiber (polyester, viscose, acrylic) in various blend ratios to produce finest plain fabrics.

Covering melange, gassed mercerized dyed and textured fancy yarn like neps and slub sourcing from various manufacturers and suppliers from Pakistan