YarnTrade has come a long way to build its repute as a successful and trustworthy textile sourcing and trading company for yarn, fabrics, textile waste/spinning waste (hard waste and soft waste), home textile, towel, and made-ups.

YarnTrade, as it sounds, yarn plays a basic role in our business. YarnTrade was started in 2016, specializing in trading Ring Yarn, Open-End Yarn (O/E), Home Textiles, Towels, Bed Sheets and Spinning Waste (Cotton Waste).

In size, Pakistan is a highly-competitive exporter of the premium highest grade of weaving and knitting yarn i.e. 6/1, 8/1, 10/1, 12/1, 14/1, 16/1, 21/1, 24/1, 26/1, 30/1, 32/1, 40/1, 60/1, 80/1, 100/1, 105/1, carded and combed cotton yarns.

We are committed to offering Cotton Yarns, Poly Cotton Yarns, Dyed Yarns, Fancy Yarns, Towel, Bed Sheets, Textile Waste / Spinning Waste (hard waste and soft waste) on competitive rates.

YarnTrade has been trading with leading manufacturers of yarn, fabrics, home textiles and garment manufacturers and traders in Pakistan.

Polyester Yarn:

  • DTY & FDY Raw White
  • DTY & FDY Dope Dyed Black
  • DTY & FDY Cationic Dyeable (CD)
  • Ring Spun Close Virgin Count 10s – 60s
  • Ring Spun & MVS 100% Virgin Count

Viscose Yarn:

  • Ring Spun Count
  • MVS (Murata Vortex Spinning) Count
  • Viscose Blend Yarn with Polyester & Cotton

All Compositions & Counts Available

Cotton Yarn

Ring Spun 100% Cotton Yarn, Combed & Compact, C.F, for Weaving & Knitting Count 40s, 60s, 80s & 100s From Chinese Suppliers

Ring Spun & Siro 100% Cotton Yarn for Weaving & Knitting Count 8s~32s From Pakistani Suppliers